Cesky Krumlov (Staying in the Middle Ages)


Published by photostoriesteller

My name is Emmanuel Spinnos. I was born in Canada 1982 and i live in a Greek Island called Patmos! I have studied economics and deal with 3d annimation and computers in general. My hobbies are music (i am playing guitar) and photography! I amusing photography to freeze 1000 words and the imprint at a time creating a story. These stories i want to share with you!

One thought on “Cesky Krumlov (Staying in the Middle Ages)

  1. This has brought back some memories for me. I visited Cesky Krumlov briefly while holidaying in the Austrian Lakes in the late 1990s, I found it to be a fascinating place. I remember walking down a narrow street with little shops and a stream running down one side; we went right up to the top of the castle, there were bears in the old moat and I got some great photos from up at the top. I’d love to go back but so far haven’t been able to return.


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