Love is Blindness

Just Listen alongside to this track of U2. Those who loved this car will understand!(love is blindness U2).



Published by photostoriesteller

My name is Emmanuel Spinnos. I was born in Canada 1982 and i live in a Greek Island called Patmos! I have studied economics and deal with 3d annimation and computers in general. My hobbies are music (i am playing guitar) and photography! I amusing photography to freeze 1000 words and the imprint at a time creating a story. These stories i want to share with you!

3 thoughts on “Love is Blindness

  1. I listened to the track, checked out the lyrics. I’m not sure what you mean. I guess beauty really lies on the eyes of the beholder. Which made me think that when we see a couple where a girl is a knock out and the guy is a regular Joe (or vice versa) we may think that love is blind. That is human nature. We must acknowledge that we don’t see beauty in the same way just like some people see a Picasso or the Mona Lisa as worth millions but to some it’s worth nothing.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I like the photo you posted. Did you take it?


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